06 December 2019

We have now left this home

by: Peter A.

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27 November 2019

The BAT Squad - 'Bob', a Job.

by: Peter A.

For the second time this week it was an 06:00 start for the Boat Acquisition Team. This trip up to Staffordshire was to prepare the floating facilities cabin (known as 'Bob' - something probably due to its.....

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26 November 2019

Harper's Field update

by: Dave C

The big news from Harper's Field on Monday was the Big Digger was working again following the replacement of the push-rods; there were in fact 4 separate faults on the machine and credit goes to Joe Blackwell for his diagnostic and engineering skills. First order of the day was to try the refurbished piling hammer on the piles that had refused to move. Unfortunately the piles won again, and we all simultaneously reached the same conclusion, 'get a bigger........

25 November 2019

Saul Junction to M5 by drone

by: Ken B.

Please see link below of video taken about 4 years ago....
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The BAT Squad ride again

by: Peter A.

Our adventure this time took us north up the M5/M6 to Staffordshire and onto the Shropshire Union Canal at Norbury Junction. Here, our challenge was to see if we could recover.....

24 November 2019

Blast from the past 10 - Episode 4

by: Peter A.

In this final episode you will hear abou the great Ryeford.........

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