30 December 2017

Job going to Pot on New Year's Eve eve!

Following on from our pre-Christmas donation from Robnor Resins, with ideal mild temperatures and no rain, it was a great opportunity to return to Gough's Orchard Lock and continue the encapsulation of the joints.  On the way we dropped by at Bowbridge Lock to see the levels at maximum and a respectful flow over the spill weir, ably assisted by the snow melt water.

As of today, all joints have been dealt with, with just a bit of topping up to do on a few.  What was interesting, was the number of joints that leaked potting as we filled them, a sure sign that all was far from satisfactory with respect to gas tight joints.  Some time was also spent back filling around the pipe to improve mechanical support.  

All being well, we can undertake final checks and then get the pumps going to initiate the syphon.