09 October 2018

A new beginning -again!

by: Bob Hallam

Today saw a new joint dredging venture begin! 
With the weather set fair, the water level just about high enough (Low Tide on the Ryeford to Dudbridge pound) the Wet dredging team met early at Ebley to have a chat about the coming venture. 
Mob-handed, we then walked smartly to the field (AKA Langley's Field) near to Ryeford Locks. This is the site designated to receive the dredgings from this pound. 

Gosh, those dry dredging boys were up early again! When we reached them to discuss how the task would be managed, they had already moved several tons of arisings from the canal bed. 

Decisions made, Dredger No. 5 was then moved into place alongside the long-reach excavator. Bearing in mind a trip boat charter was (almost) following us along, we began moving reeds to a place where the dry boys could reach and transfer them onto the disposal site. 
The resultant action was a balletic dance of interlacing buckets! 

 No trip boat was harmed in this operation!

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."