11 October 2018

The Kindness of Visitors

by: bob Hallam

Having started work recently on the Ryeford to Oil Mills pound, the wet and dry teams joined forces again to to remove reeds preparatory to dredging silt. 

We regularly have to stop for passers by. 
Today was gloriously sunny, so even more folk were walking along the towpath.
Bob, in his normal cheerful way, chats with almost all who pass during his stint as banks-man. 

Today a lovely couple on holiday in the area (from Suffolk apparently) stopped to ask how the Ryeford staircase lock worked.  After the explanation, Bob's usual jocular comment, "Normally, passers by drop off gifts of cake to us chaps and chappesses when we've provided some information for them," was well received amid much comical reciprocal comment.
It was with great gratitude, humility and profuse thanks about an hour later, the couple reappeared walking to their hotel, they dropped off a gift of cakes!! 
This lovely and generous couple are, as far as we are concerned, now honorary ex-officio members of the dredging team! 

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."