04 December 2017

Matters of low water,

The level in the Ryeford - Newton Lock pound has been lowered.  There were 2 reasons for this, firstly, improved access under Bonds Mill lift bridge for the contractors dealing with the fallen willow trees and secondly - I can't remember the other reason! - please remind me if you know.

This presented some difficulties for the Boatability craft as it had to be persuaded off the mud into deeper water and then it was due to run a trip for a wheelchair bound gentleman, so access could have been tricky.

From this shot, you may have noticed some of the black stuff has been laid at the wharf.  Again, contractors were on site this morning laying the tarmac.  This operation should now be complete.  There is hand rail work planned to take place on the disability boat's mooring stage.

Tree clearance has taken place on the east side of Bonds Mill bridge.  Mid morning, the WRGies were just planning their attack on the trees laying in the cut on the west side.  Much had been achieved over the weekend.