31 December 2017

There's a Moose Loose in Stoonehoose

Moose, the WERgies gaffer, had a fine team of about twenty which had gathered from the north west, Devon, London and many points in between for their festive season working party along the pound at Bond's Mill.

The results of their labours are only too evident and impressive with a massive clearing success on the north side of the canal.  The remnants of brash smouldered away with the more valuable cargo of logs stacked on the bank or unloaded from Ratty (the work boat) into the vans.  One of the willow trees has been fenced off due to its condition.  During the strong winds, the trunk which was rotten inside, was splitting open due to a twisting action.

Also rotten were the remains of two landing stages that have been uncovered either side of the lift bridge.

This new year's eve evening, they are looking forward to a fine three course meal cooked by team members in their accommodation at Brimscombe port. 

Do take a walk along that stretch and see the vast change that has taken place.