02 July 2018

Pat's Progress

Another 'scorchio' day with some of our tools too hot to handle if left in the sun for too long.

Two main jobs tackled.  Firstly, the scabby paintwork on the jib received abrasive action and is now about ready for a coat red oxide paint.  There had been various layers of hand painted coats, some of which were not well attached to the metal.  We are still awaiting new supplies of yellow to finish the task.
Secondly, on the end of the facilities cabin and close to the cooker just inside the door, we set about mounting the gas bottle cabinet.  It is important that there is a ventilation path from the inside out to a location which cannot fill the bilges with gas, should there ever be a leak.

This has been achieved by the cunning use of one of the boat lifting lug locations, where we have been able to form a metal pipe to connect to the cavity, which happens to have a drain hole to the outside of the hull.
We had to drill through from the outside.  The connecting pipe now enters the bottom of the box and just along side it is a gland to take a copper gas pipe out and down, then through into the cabin for connection to the cooker.
The various parts, such as regulator, shut off valve and pressure test point are on order and will be ready to fit next week

We had hoped for the clam shell bucket arriving today, but that is now going to be Wednesday - we are informed.