04 September 2019

Along the Cut today

Our volunteers were to be found hard at work maintaining and restoring our canal, enjoying the sun and chatting with the passers by.

Last Monday, a large willow tree fell over between Upper Mills and the Midland Railway bridge.  It had initially blocked the towpath, but a way through had been hacked by the public.  Whilst members from Western Depot had taken remedial action, the tree had descended further, so a small armada was mustered to tackle it.

Up at Blunder Lock, the railings around the spill weir were partly broken.  A couple of rails were missing with mesh inserted as a temporary fix.  Today, a two new profiled rails were welded in position and the joints primed.

Outside St. Cyres, Weedie was, well, weeding. Most effectively.  Keeping the channel free for traffic.
Just east of Ryeford double lock, the long reach digger was in action emptying a mud hopper which had been brought down from near Dudbridge.
At Dudbridge itself, there is clear evidence of considerable dredging activities.  The bank sides are cleared and profiled, together with a good depth of water in which to navigate.
Dudbridge Lower Lock has been subject to a WRGies two week camp, the commencement of work to rebuild and strengthen the lock walls.  For now, there is nothing going on on the ground, as plans and procedures are produced for the work there to continue.