11 September 2019

Have a go at this.....

Whilst passing through Wast Hills Tunnel, 2726 yards, having tickovered by Alvechurch Marina where a ‘Constellation Class' (obviously for astronomers) rental boat was moored, a thought came to mind.

In the 31 minutes it took to transit the tunnel,  thinking about what other classes might there?

Starting with ‘Co' and ending with ‘ion', can you guess the following classes:

‘I don't believe it’s Class
Imodium fan club Class
Working happily together  Class 
Crashing into bridge abutment Class
Honeymooners only Class
Brexiting remainer Class
Religious entry level Class
Folk living together Class
Scrapheap challenge Class
‘Dinky' complaint Class
For the warped and twisted Class

Answers to follow.  I have not received any Blogs of activities, so you must all be sat at home passing the time!  Enjoy.