05 September 2019

An Uplifting Project

At Western Depot we have many activities which occupy us day on day, week on week, but often there are some, that for various reasons happen but never get reported.  

For too long, the neglected forklift that rested down the back of the yard in an unserviceable condition, some months ago, made a short journey to pole position just outside the workshops.  No better place to maintain visibility.  When there was an opportunity, or a short break between jobs, something was attended to, slowly, but slowly working towards repairing the vehicle.  

All the mechanical parts were checked, serviced or repaired where necessary.  Engine, hydraulics, cab, transmission, brakes and safety systems were put right culminating in the engine firing up and all the bits working.  A sight many expected not to witness!
You know that when the paint is 'expertly' applied, the job is almost done. and most rewarding to all those that played their part in this little bit of stealth restoration.