26 September 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Whilst the Project Leader has been floating around the canal system for the past two weeks in glorious sunshine, work has continued.

John S. reports:

Rerouting and shortening of bucket hoses – Should be completed (Wednesday) or Monday latest.  We’ve retained the QR fittings, but these are now in line and not right angled. The chippies have modified the wooden block on the end of the dipper, so routing and also protecting the hoses. Looks very ‘nice’.
Jib drooping – We placed a ball valve in the pipe lines to determine where the leak (if there is a leak) is. After much experimenting the droop stops after a few minutes. By isolating lines we found it’s not the valve/s or block.  Also the ram (seals and shaft) appears to be ok. An opinion is that it is simply air in the system and should work it self out (via the reservoir) during use.

Balance of joystick control – The fitting of restrictors should enable ‘balancing’. Arthur is going to fit (next Monday) the x2 restrictors that Andrew R. has supplied.  Note that these are bi-directional.  They would probably be better if they were uni-directional, but until we’ve tried them out in anger we won’t really know.  Valves are easy to change if required.

The (BSS) safety inspection was done on the 18th. Without going into too much detail all that needs to be done (to get the certificate) is to clearly label the battery isolator switch and the fuel isolator switch/tap, and to pot covers over the battery and starter solenoid connections.

(Bribery took the form of a mug of tea, with two sugars, and a bit of a walk around the depot!)
The warning stickers are now ordered.