18 August 2019

Chestnut Lane obstruction Aug 14th 2019

by: Andy P.

The back of the previous excavation.
I was going to say this was something different but there again the heavy rain and mud up to your knees wasn’t a good start to the day.

Lowering the Wallbridge Lower-Dudbridge Upper Lock Pound, a 2 page Procedure digested with glee.  Leader Bob, Andy P and Mathew, at second visit in matching custard yellow 2 piece waterproof suit, set about the day.  The mini digger cleared a path to the canal side to re-find the big lump of concrete which we were tasked with removing.  Simple.  Drain canal to the procedure, hire breaker, and remove concrete.  Myron and Chris on Stewart provided, dropping anything in the canal, emergency support. 
After several hours the offending concrete started to show and we set about with the breaker. Will be done in a jiffy and we won’t get too wet.  Would like a word with the person who made this mix up with granite and stones as it was mighty tough.  Working in shifts, the 3 of us slowly pecked our way along and down and inwards. We even had a soggy lunch in shifts to keep the breaker going. 

The lump spent most of the day underwater as the canal drained to river level so it was hard to see where and what to break up. Feeling our way was the only option. 
We did what we could and a significant amount has been removed and water depth improved. 
Numerous visitors appeared during the day to watch our ‘progress’ but by 1600 or so, we had had enough and time to clear up.  The dredger will be needed to clear the rubble.  The width has not improved as opposite the gas main concrete covering is a 1 metre diameter old tree stump, which wasn’t moving. Some days are just hard and unpleasant and this was one of them.
Apologies for leaving the truck and digger in a mess but Bob was on his own at WD trying to unload and it was still raining and getting towards 6pm.  Sure you understand.