05 August 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Following on from the construction of a draft redirection device to vector the engine fans hot air out of the engine cover, today it received some paint, primarily to seal the surface.
A couple of hooks were also added so the assembly hangs on the engine.  A test took place, firstly to make sure nothing dropped off and secondly, to assess if the air flow had improved.

A great improvement was recorded.  There is a good positive hot air breeze emanating from the front hatches, so it would be good to think that there must be an equal amount of suction at the rear end.  A job to judge as there was a bit of a wind blowing today.

Further Wombling around the site resulted in about five wheelbarrow loads of stuff collected and relocated to a disposal area.  There is still a fine covering of sand laid down from when Patricia received her shot blasting.
On Wednesday, we will hopefully be attending to the last outstanding item, that of fine tuning the hydraulic balance of the boom and jib.