22 August 2019

Harper's Field

by:  Dave C.

Another busy week at Harper's Field saw some progress.  Piling has been started by Alan Jones' crew, with Tony Jones working the tug and Andy Jones providing guidance, the team sound like the Welsh Rugby side.  The piles have been driven as far as the equipment could provide, unfortunately it won't be enough and the age old CCT solution will be applied, 'get a bigger hammer'.
Another 20 tonnes of Type 1 hardcore arrived to finish off the entrance and access to the car park.  With the digger and road roller Steve P, Vince and part-time Les M (he'd gone off to unload hoppers so we let him off), we had the whole thing smoothed out and ready to go.

The Welfare Unit is also taking shape, with Will and his team delivering the first frames for the seating.