12 August 2019

Harper's Field

by: Dave C.

With a multitude of tasks to complete today, it was great to have so many multi-talented people at Harper's Field. It started with Vince making sure the new Welfare Unit didn't end up running downhill into the canal, by removing the wheels and replacing with railway sleepers, whilst Clive, Jill and John took shifts in finishing painting the storage container - John can just be seen finishing off the roof 
Whilst this was going on, Jason turned up to assess and guide us in the requirement for the Piling Barge to start work on the mud barge off-loading platform (must find a better name for that). So Andy, Les and Jason set off for the darkest corner of the field, and were quickly at work making a platform so the bank operator will be able to guide the piles without falling into the canal, and, with no little amount of persistence, removed the obstructing 'shrub' stumps.

Steve spent all morning finishing off tasks and then set off to the dark corner to help Jason position the piles so the crane on the barge could pick them up.

Then, as we felt there had been enough variety during the day, Jason used the mini-digger to straighten the new digger's door, with the bucket and some well place bits of wood. Having got the door perfectly straight it was refitted for us to find it needed to be curved.

We also had a morale boosting visit from the CCT Chairman, who was successful when he moved his car so we could all go home.