20 August 2019

Dudbridge Lower Lock

by: John S.

A busy Monday at Dudbridge lower. It was a case of all hands to the pumps as the Wergies started in anger on Dudbrudge lower lock, with the installation of the lower stop planks. Not an easy job, but with the help of some fantastic teamwork all the planks were in position by close of play. Patricia (and crew) were there to help with lifting and lowering. Ah, we need some sawdust, came the shout. A quick call to the Western depot and the job was done. Dave P personally deliverung said sawdust to the lock. The a mobile working platform was needed to enable the Wergies to clear out the remaining foliage from the stop plank cut out. Step forward tug Margaret. Another job done. With one or two other difficulties overcome the last plank went in just before 6pm. Phew....

A great example of working together: SDC, Wergies, Western depot, tug boat crew and dredger crew. A very enjoyable and rewarding 10 hour shift (for some of us!). And a thank you to the Wergies for a limitless supply of tea and cake.