20 May 2019

Dredging CCC

by: Bob H.

As we progress our plans for the dredging of the “In water” sections of Cotswold Canals Connected (AKA phase 1b) we have masses of preparation before we start mud slinging!
One vital task is to ensure that the silt we need to remove contains no “nasties.”  To do this, we need to extract a sample of mud along the 2 sections needing dredging (East of the A38 and West of the A38.)

Today, we began our latest stint of sampling. We take a sample every 100 metres, working from a small workboat, in this case Jasper. She (he?) was located at the slipway at Pike Lock, but was needed above Bond’s Mill Bridge to start tomorrow.

John S and Bob H duly got the reserve old Mercury 2.5 HP outboard (it has “characteristics!!”) and with assistance from the always helpful WD staff (Colin P and Chris C) got underway.  Ascending Blunder and Newtown (Old Name “Top Lock o’Five”) Locks they cruised gently to Bonds Mill in Glorious sunny weather.
John S flew the first leg, Bob H the second.  No volunteer got wet in undertaking this journey!

Tomorrow an early start from Bond’s Mill to extract the samples. More later!