20 May 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Pretty well a one job day today, that of the engine cover.  Following on from last Wednesday, we completed the fit of the six rollers to the boat.  Then it was time to affix the angle to the cover and profile the edges to permit it to slide backwards, thus exposing the engine.  A couple of slots needed cutting in the upstand to let the angle through.
There's a bit of welding to add some retaining brackets to prevent the lid being lifted off when closed,  We also received the aluminium tread plate today which is to form the ventilation covers in four locations.  Once all the bits are in place, we can get on and fibreglass the complete cover.

Very close to end of play, we decided to cut off the two very substantial steel posts that protrude from the rear of the boat, removal of these will permit the cover to slide that bit further.