15 May 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Time to apply some more paint, amongst other things.  It was out with the cabin floor boards so that the numerous primed faces could be given a top coat.  The opportunity to finish the front bulkhead was also taken.  There is some second coating to do another day.
Our sawn off ladder is now fixed in place and cleverly hinges up so you can gain access under the cab.  Speaking of which, there are two indicators in the high pressure hydraulic oil filters buried in a dark place, one of which spurts oil!  Since neither can be seen, the decision was taken to extract and plug the dials so that they cannot leak. 
Later in the day, the various fermenting ideas for the engine cover took a definite stride forward when a team decision materialised to go for the sliding option.  This permits access to all the key engine check areas, it will also permit quick and simple complete removal should the need arise.  
We are in the process of making the components for the fitting of 6 rollers which will run on rails secured to the frame of the cover.
As you can imagine, the question most often asked is 'When will it go in the water?'  Well, the engine cover is the most important job and then there are all the little ones like, labels for the controls, paperwork, insulating hot surfaces, plus the odd paint jobs etc.

It is our intention to run the craft for a couple of hours, or more, dredging air to exercise the systems thoroughly before putting it back in the water - oh, then there's that pile of ballast to install.

….and finally - This craft is out of the water just now, so a naming opportunity exists, preferable with a bundle of sponsorship.