08 May 2019

Project 'DNF' - The Fairy has reported!

by: Andrew R.

I've been very busy today on two areas of the canal, but mainly at the depot.
As heavy rain forecast tonight (Tuesdays) and possibly tomorrow I thought this needed doing in dry sunny weather.

I have wired brushed both by hand and mechanical so much my 2 batteries ran out just as I finished.  Below water line was hard, dirty work.
I had to move a tank so I could get to all parts. Therefore moved wooden structure and Heris fencing. I also degreased where there were hydraulic spills.
Then as you can see in photos put black bituminous all over sides of dredger and tanks.  Noticed Arthur (the hydraulics fairy) had changed Ram pipes for Jib/boom.
Note: We need to make a semi circle curved bracket that a block plate can be welded to and then strapped onto ram cylinder.

…...Think I earned a biscuit or two!!