15 May 2019

In other news

Various project received attention in Western Depot.  There were continuous sounds of metal cutting, grinding, welding and painting!  Parts for another secure stop plank holder steadily heaped up in the back of the shed. (You may be able to spot one in the distance behind the 'Closed' sign in the first picture)

Out in the yard, the slow but determined efforts to fire life into the old fork lift continues. Most of the bits have worked recently at some time or another.  The main lift cylinder is away for repair just now, but there is certainly light at the end of the tunnel for this venerable beast - we could really use it at times.

The HIAB, destined for Samson (or is it Delilah?) , which has been suspended from the 'A' frame gallows for some time now bust into an area of activity around lunch time when new hydraulic plumbing was screwed into place.  It is looking quite tidy and mostly complete.

In common with roads around Woodchester, Selsley and Minch', a 'Canal Closed' sign has now appeared on the towpath around Ryeford Double Lock.  The trunk water main which is passing through the area, but under our canal has finally resulted in some serious action.

A bund has been installed, over which heavy plant can travel.  This will be a serious blockage for a few weeks.  There is no diversionary route signposted! 
There will be more on these stories to follow