13 May 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

With many of the dredger folk circulating around first thing this morning, we had a useful chat on a number of issues, namely the seat mounting and the engine cover design.

Whilst the seat support had been based on the original mechanics, there was a feeling that the position was not optimum and that rotation was not necessary.  The decision was taken to design a support to admiralty rated specifications to better do the job.  A new upstand and seat base support has been fabricated, meeting with the hearty approval of those that will have to ride the machine.

Not only is it more central, but the relationship to the arm rests is now improved.  The view above shows the controls pushed forward ready for exiting the seat.

Elsewhere, we have now painted the tops of the ballast tanks, that was followed with the white painting on all the upstand/trip hazards on the deck and tanks.  Down in the engine room, the various floor supports and fuel protection tube between the tanks have now all been fixed to the floor.  The 3 rung ladder is yet to be secured,