24 June 2019

Ham Mill June 17th to 20th 2019

by: Andy P.
Well things are starting to happen this week.

On Monday Jason, Kay, Vince, Richard and Andy P returned. Jason fired up BD and set about rebuilding the dam across the canal-lost count of how many times this has been done.

Kay was punting us across with ropes and chains and enjoying herself as the bog mats were attached and put back in place. After a few hours BD was back on side.
The newly made spill weir grill was placed in position to help stop large pieces of debris getting into the pipe.

Roy returned with the tipper and 3 large sheet piles were delicately placed and positioned and then driven to Harpers field via the petrol station.
On the return 6 very long and brand new stop planks were also delicately placed and positioned and driven back to the depot.

On Weds, Bob, Richard and Andy P who arrived early to accept the new shiny galvanised sheet piles. Navigating the large lorry down the narrow lane, squeezing passed parked cars, waking builder to move their van, finding a very heavy 3 man lift steel plate to cover the hole for the new water pipe to the houses and finally removing gates, the lorry drove into the muddy yard.

Bob on BD lifted the 36 sheet piles and placed ready for the barge to start its work.