27 June 2019

Ham Mill June 24 to 26th

by: Andy P.
A joint crew operation with the landing stage team of Alan, Dave, Mike, Jason and Kay joining Bob, Duncan and Andy P.

BD moved a stack of shiny sheet piles over to the barge which was spilt up, to transfer into the barge.

Some pulling and pushing of the barge and plastic pig before everything was in place.  Following a briefing session we were off with the first pile.  Careful positioning and delicate boot manoeuvring and lots of shouting then the hammer started.  If you don’t know it is very, very noisy.  The neighbours all come out to view.

The first pile went in fairly easily but stopped at a metre plus depth into the canal bed. Then it was a case of repeating until, by the end of the day, 5 piles had been inserted.  We also took the opportunity to remove stakes and material where the remaining piles were going to be inserted on Thursday.

Even the nearby tree surgeon wanted to watch