02 June 2019

Ham Mill May 29th 2019
by: Andy P.
Well not much happening other than the lock is now very full and the grass is growing in patches
Some galvanised shorter sheet piles may have been ordered, which is some progress.

So in the mean time we have been to Chestnut Lane bridge, amongst other places, to investigate various obstructions. The 1985 gas pipe has been identified and its angled path across the canal. The concrete cover will need to be identified more clearly. 2 older walls on either side are still there in part, with presumably, stones littering the canal bottom.

On the far side a 3m wide smooth notched slab of concrete was found as the water level was dropped. It’s a mystery. Therefore, we returned with the mini digger, to dig out behind the lump to see how big it was and how far back it went. It is at least 1.5m back and over 0.5m deep and maybe sitting on the old wall. The gas company said it was nothing to do with them and could be removed. Something else to add to the to do list.