06 June 2019

Harper's Field

by: Dave C.

This week saw the start of a 6 month project to develop Harper's Field, CCT volunteers had previously constructed the fence that separated our bit from the proposed Stroud Auction site.. The field is situated close to Horse Trough roundabout off the Ebley Road B4008. The long term plan is to provide 10 mooring berths with provision for drinking water and electrical hook up points, a winding hole and a slipway.  In the medium term the field will be used as silt off-loading and drying facility, the silt being removed once it has dried out.
Now we know where we are going we set out this week to start to break ground. The first job was to construct a 'hard' entrance. So on Monday with Bob A on the digger and Kay and Andy P on fencing deconstruct and reconstruct as well as Type 1 stone shovelers, and Jason construction the massive new gate and taking turns on the digger, and me driving the tipper, we set about digging a hole and filling it again, after 4 tonnes of Type 1 we realised it was a bigger hole than I first thought. Wednesday saw the job finished with Mathew and new Bill (not to be confused with Old Bill) on shovels and Bob back on the mini-digger, and 6 more tonnes of Type 1. 
The second task on Wednesday was to persuade the new storage container into its planned position, after it had been dropped in the wrong place 4 weeks before we were ready for it. With a nudge here, and a gentle push there, Bob it slid into position. 
There is much work to do, so if anyone fancies being outstanding in their field, why not make it Harper's Field.