05 June 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

If you think you are finished, then just take a few minutes to chat over what else might need doing and hey presto, a list of 14 little jobs soon appears.  

However, it is the big jobs of completing the engine cover and the exhaust shield that occupied our time today.

Our original intention was to fibreglass the engine cover.  Whilst we had some material, it did not want to sit flat and further debates concluded with the fact that our cover is quite capable of supporting itself and what we are actually trying to do is seal it to the weather.  So, a couple of coats of resin were applied, this will be followed by paint.  That ought to do it.
The cover runners were first painted and then screwed back in place.  After a short walk, the cover was positioned on the dredger and operation checked - it did.  

A couple of weeks ago a drawing for a cupboard/seat in the cabin was produced.  Today, our chippies completed the job which was set in place.  It will need fixing to the floor and some paint to make it look pretty.
Our magnificent exhaust shield was taken into the workshop for a spell of surgery.  Where it resides alongside the engine cover, a section required cutting and flattening so as not to impinge on it.  Some gentile angle grinder cutting, followed by a session of bending gave us the required profile.  A scheme to support the assembly top and bottom was devised and the necessary clamps manufactured.  These were in the fitting stage up to close of play today.
More pondering over a cup of tea about the locking and ventilator hatch catches resulted in a modified plan.  Some of the components for this have been machined, but more to do next time.