30 July 2019

Harper's Field

by: Dave C.

A full on day of work was ahead of us as we assembled at Harper's Field. The news that the road roller wasn't coming due to the paperwork not being completed made morale drop as we realised it would be a day of mini-digger, shovels and rakes.  But before all that we had 2 VIP visitors to show around.  For those who have been wondering where the name Harper's Field came from, well it belongs to the Harper sisters Pat and Julie, and I had invited them down to see what we were doing to their field (I know it was a bit risky!), and helped by Reg we walked the field and showed them the plan, which they were both very impressed with.
Once the niceties were over we settled in for our first delivery on 20 tonnes of Type 1 hardcore.
And started using the mini-digger to spread it out
Having has a chat with the driver who express the opinion that, 'he wasn't going to do that again if the grass was wet' having struggled to get out when the lorry was empty, and a quick check with Cullimore HQ .  We decided we might as well go for it, and got agreement for 3 more deliveries, making 80 tonnes of stone to move.  Tonnes of stone then started to arrive thick and fast and say it was back breaking work for Les and Steve, as well as quick and efficient use of the digger by Andy, by the end of the day we got somewhere close.
Still lots to do but we are all hoping that the roller will turn up and we can put our rakes and shovels down for a bit.