22 July 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

A team of 1 today, so no communication issues!  Dredger Patricia has a transit latch to support the main boom when not in use.  We desire something like it for No.5.

One simple method we employed when the boat was lifted from the water was to insert a prop between the main boom ram body and the boom.  It acted as a wedge, albeit a poor and temporary one.  A better engineered solution would do the job.

The 80mm cylinder ram needs encasing, so a hinged face tube has been constructed to slip over the ram and act as a prop.  
A double flange at the top end is still needed to rest on the spacers on the main ram pivot pin.  The length of the assembly will determine the height of the main boom when parked, which will be set to the height of the cabin roof.