24 July 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Continuation with the Boom 'Transit' device progressed today.  A bit more grinding and welding has resulted in a finished item, which when tested, worked very well.  One particular attribute is that it can be safely deployed whilst stood on the front of the deck.
Probably looks quite confusing, try checking Monday's post.  The paint was wet and it could not be handled.  White stripes to be added.

Labour resources took a leap after lunch, from one to three!  This permitted the inside of the engine bay to receive a clean ready for some cosmetic painting.  Another little upgrade was to take the screw lid of the oil tank, which is a mighty large hexagon, shifted with a corresponding mighty spanner.  The cutting of a slot in the top and the inset welding of a piece of plate, which fingers can operate and has satisfyingly resulted in a far neater arrangement.