10 July 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Today was a day of exterior decorating, lots of it.  Our early task was to prepare the engine cover for paint.  This involved mixing some of the Chippies finest sawdust into the resin used to for the fibre-glass and poking it into the odd cavities and heads of screws.  Once set, which was not long in today's temperatures, it was then flattened down.  A general clean-up then followed.

The metalwork received a coat of red oxide, then the stunning purple, but the wood was treated to two coats of the purple straight off.  Again, the rate at which the paint cured was bordering on the bit too quick side. Other areas around the boat where odd bits of work had taken place after initial painting also received attention.

Suffice to say, the transformation took place and we are now at a stage most accurately defined as 'essentially complete'!  There will always be odd jobs that can be tinkered with whilst the boat sits in the yard, but now it is time to fire the engine up and set about some sustained testing prior to the big lift.

For the record, here's the pictures....