06 November 2019

A Black Sheep?

by: Bob H.

A short while ago, we heard that a sheepdog trial style adventure had taken place as our BAT squad rounded up two mud hoppers which are now safely on our canal.

Today, lone sheep, possibly with a dark fleece, returned to the fold after being missing for several months. The reason for the long absence was said to be an extended holiday - but we on the dredging team suspect it was more homesickness being away from Patricia, and the return of Augustus Gloop.
After a leisurely (for the wet dredgers) start, and tidying the decks (and the obligatory brew) the team leader shooed the black sheep into the operators cabin and checked how much he had forgotten about operating the controls.  Very little it transpired, as mud, bits of concrete, bigger bits of concrete, bikes, fence posts and dumped tree roots found their way into the hopper.

Oil Mills bridge in a few days will be properly cleared for normal full depth service.
Hopefully, the black sheep will stay in the fold for a while until wanderlust (or some BAT squad activity) takes him away again.