06 November 2019

Dredging with Patricia 'What are they up to?'

by: Andrew R.

Dredging duties leading up to Oil Mills Bridge on the east side. For those who don’t know this section was filled in with builders rubble and when the bridge was rebuilt a bund put in. 
More recently the very centre channel was navigable but if you veered of course you’d come to a stop ✋.

We are clearing the approach to near full depth but it like many places near past construction sites is taking time.  As soon as we grab a block/stone/ bike/ 8in diameter posts/buckets/bricks most of the silt/ballast/fine rubble falls out and filling a hopper becomes a long task.

It’s amazing what we find!
A thought!
There is a  need to ensure in future all construction site Canal channels are cleared fully as soon as project comes to a close because once items and rubble become settled they are difficult to remove and this mix of numerous objects become a risk for vessels and people who enter the water accidentally or otherwise.  Let alone the environmental issue.

A bit of fun.
What a find!!
The Duo of the day were head over hills about this!!

Finally, another first this Monday, one of new little hoppers was trialled. 
Filled- taken by tuggers, new task for Dry Dredger’s to empty a small hopper and then today returned to us by Goliath Tuesday.  Very successful.