20 November 2019

Mud, Mud, Glorious  Mud - Dudbridge Lower

by: Andrew R.

After a successful session yesterday (19th Nov) getting stop planks in and near perfect seal today the lock was emptied fully and finally, look at the problem!!
This isn't the bottom of the lock
Remember the dredging team had taken silt from the nearest end and then the lock was filled partially washing the metre deep silt bed back across the gates. Now volunteers and managers know why the gates don't shut and the need for the dredging teams to dig so much silt out of 1A.

If you want to help or watch, Ian M. is taking down Scaffolding Thursday. Then guess what, the stop planks come out next week and Dredging of lock so scaffolding stands on firm surface plus anything dropped is easy to find.

My thanks to Dredging crews / Tug crews and a couple of general volunteers from Ian and Andrew