20 November 2019

Stop Planks at Dudbridge set

by: Andrew R.

Stop planks at Dudbridge now set after many points of view and efforts.

The combined efforts of Dredger and Tug crews +1 general volunteer made JP very happy as with team work we reset the stop planks.
Patricia, Margaret and Aquilla tried a new technique to pass by Annette2 whilst the strong current from the hydro bypass pushing hard. We set to. 
The yellow boom at the Hilly Orchard bridge near Wiggles had collected rubbish, twigs, logs, balls, a vessels walking plank, and much more.
Patricia gave a gentle push down and the planks obliged moving down. Several checks and new hard wood wedges applied we set the pump going.  Watching for 20 mins whilst eating lunch it was agreed the lock was emptying, 1 1/2 hours later all agreed no apparent leak, so home time for tug, then Patricia. A bag of saw dust applied in corners to help seal the slots.
Pump left going and when I got back at 4pm it was good to see the level had dropped 6 1/2 planks in the lock.  A good day’s work Jon P is so glad it’s finally done.