01 April 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Things can happen when you're not about.  Since last week, some more of the new hydraulics had appeared on the boom.  Today, the joysticks were coupled up to the pipes that rested in the frame.  This week should see the completion of this work and then comes the interesting testing phase, but for that we'll need a running engine.

To that end, we now have the first part of a fabricated control box, a bit more to do on this before the switch and other control components can be mounted.  It will sit centrally between the joysticks when complete.
Another significant work task today was the fabrication of a support mechanism for the foot switch that controls the rotation of the bucket.  It basically rocks, so press left for anti-clockwise and right for CW.  Late in the day, the frame was welded to the front bulkhead and is now ready for hydraulic connections to be made.  To check that the operator could access it comfortably, we temporarily installed the seat for 'comfort' checks.
It is pleasing to report that the high decibel levels of the past working parties will very soon drop.  Almost all the deck area has been needle gunned and given a fine day, we should be able to get the first coat of paint on.

There have been long discussions about the engine cover.  Our existing one could go back on, but presents a confined space for working in when attending to the engine, fuel or oil systems.  We are investigating the manufacture of a fibreglass cover which would be considerably lighter and could hinge up clear of the engine bay.  More on this another time.

A good days work, we all enjoyed our time getting the job done.