15 April 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

The project always seems to take a large step forward with the application of some paint and today we set about washing the decks down to remove the evidence of boot prints and then laid the first coat of slip resistant grey paint.  Elsewhere, interior painting of the area around the controls inside the cabin saw some more purple appear. 

Out on the boom, we had to add a few more pipe clamps for the hydraulics.  This meant welding the saddles on in a number of places and then getting some primer on for now.  The pipes remain to be affixed.

Electrically, advances were made between the battery and the control cabinet in the cab.  Power and electric fuel pump feeds were connected in.  This reached the stage where the floor could be laid back in place and the diesel fuel link pipes between the two tanks could be connected.
The new engine bay cover, now referred as the 'Wendy House' took shape in the yard shed.  The timber construction will eventually be covered in fibreglass and will be light enough to lift giving a good clear access to the engine bay.
For a while, this afternoon, site security took a step up.  Totally effective!