08 April 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

A very wet start, so not really deck painting weather, although it was possible to finish the white ceiling decoration of the cab. 

The hydraulics plumbing on the boom is now complete and looks very smart.  The acid test for the hoses will be when we fire the system up and exercise to the limits of travel.

The main job today was the insertion of a length of 'U' section steel behind the cab, performing two functions.   Firstly, the manufacture of a new engine bay cover, which will be hinged, would have hit the cab roof, so a new lip to rest on has now been provided.
Secondly, the pipe poking our of the new steel is for the exhaust pipe to feed through.  We need to obtain the parts necessary to build the exhaust.  There is flexible coupling to the engine, followed by a silencer, before heading off to a point above the cab.  Thermal protection will be provided.  The concept of a couple of chromium exhaust stacks was discussed!

The battery isolator has been affixed in the cab.  Cable lengths to the battery/engine have been determined, so cables of the right length and termination can be sourced.
We now have the control panel with all the holes for switches and the Beta Marine engine sub-panel. Hopefully, mounting and wiring can commence very soon. 
Another interesting day.