24 April 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Rule 2: When there is rain in the forecast, always ensure that there is an inside job to get on with. [Rule 1: never get parted from your lunch box - of course] We've not had much of that throughout this project, but today, was one of those days.

Connecting various wires and cables to the new Control Panel mounted between the joysticks was the primary task of the day.  Most of the important links have now been made and in theory, we could turn the ignition key.  However, in practice, it would be advisable to put some oil and water in the engine first and tighten the battery connections - this will happen on Monday.
Down in the engine room, we welded some steel piping to the hull in order to add support and protection to the copper fuel lines.  Repairs to the cab floor were also undertaken.

Almost all the hydraulic pipes are now in place.  It is just the links to clam shell bucket that remain and it is planned that these will be dealt with once the boom can be exercised.

Having checked the minimum height of structures on the canal, we ae now setting the exhaust pipe to just clear them. The pipe lagging arrived today and will be wrapped around once all the joints have been set and sealed.

Exciting times to come...