29 April 2019

Project 'DNF' - No.5 Refit

Today's grand ambition was to reach the key stage when the engine could be started for the first time.  Well, as you've probably already guessed, we did not make it, although we got reassuringly close.

During the morning, we treated the engine to both oil and coolant.  Then followed some shunting to get the fuel bowser to a location where diesel could be put into the tanks.  Lastly, it was the hydraulic oil which conspired to prevent an engine start in that there was not enough to confidently charge the system properly, given that most pipes and cylinders were empty.
Never mind, there were plenty of other small jobs to get on with.  Out in the yard, the new engine cover received its panelling.  Some air vents also arrived for installation in each end.  
Back on the boat, we dismantled the exhaust system so that the joint sealant could be applied and the whole lot finally screwed together.  The sealant required 24 hours to cure, so another good reason not to pressurise the pipes too early.
The two ballast tanks had all the detritus cleared off them and duly received a good preparation to the tops in readiness for red oxide paint.  Given the warm sun, two coats of that were applied.  Grey to go on on Wednesday.
The electrics progressed with the connections to the lights and other safety switches getting terminated.  Out on the boom, all the hydraulic joints were checked for tightness, a few were found to be finger tight.  The blobs of red oxide paint were treated to some yellow.  
We have today's great team with us again on Wednesday and sincerely hope to get the rain protection flap to lift at the head of the exhaust stack!