29 October 2019

Canal Gets A New Slipway.

by: Steve P.

Today saw the Western Depot team of Chris, Dave and Steve working to build a new mini-slipway near Whitminster so that the WRGies can get boat access over Xmas to continue their work on pruning the trees along the cut from Whitmister towards Saul  Junction.  

Having checked out the access to the canal Dave and the mini digger made short work of the new ramp apart from some tree roots that tested its capabilities, but the end result was a muddy slope leading into the canal.  
After lunch and some checking on specs the Mitsi was put into service again to collect a 1 ton bag of type one hardcore which once delivered and spread  transformed the mud into something that a boat trailer and 4x4 might be able to use without getting stuck!  The acid test will be over Xmas, but hopefully this will allow access for the workboats to another stretch of the canal ready for Phase 1B.