25 October 2019

Dudbridge Lower Lock

by: Andy P.

One job was to cut a channel at Dudbridge to get the stop planks out.  In the end Bob only needed to cut out sufficient to get them out and above water level. Then the trusty hand chisel and hammer came into play.  It needed a rota as some very hard stone was behind the brickwork.  Jon P arrived to confirm we could stop cutting upwards which was a great relief as space was becoming very limited.

Also on site were a whole selection of boats and their crew with John and Andrew leading the assault to get the pumps and pipework out of the lock.  Much heaving and shouting on both sides saw 8 non stop planks pulled out and floated away down the lock.  Then the dredgers took over and pulled out a never ending supply of sand bags which were delicately placed in a slowly lowering boat. The rest of the sand bags journey has already been described.