25 October 2019

Sponsored Benches - Now, Sponsored Doors!

by: Will F.

Recently, the chippies at Western Depot were complimented on the new custom made door fitted at Ryford Swing Bridge giving access to the Frome Sluice gates...and as we are suckers for compliments, agreed to make a similar door for Mark (a canal volunteer) who owns one of the cottages at Spring Bank by Ryford Road Bridge...for a donation to Canal Restoration.

The old door
The new door under construction:
The door provides access to the rear of the cottages to allow residents to move their bins and bikes etc, and fitting needed some hefty screws into the wall
...and a hefty lock for security
Mark was delighted to provide a donation to CCT funds and the residents now have a secure, easily opened access via the towpath to the roadside.