25 October 2019

Driver Training Day

by: Andy P.

Another day, a group of prospective drivers moved onto driver training where the Mitzi and trailer had to be driven in reverse through an incredibly tight, twisty, awkward and challenging reversing course.  Well it seemed like that as we all took turns.  It is not easy was the common phrase-not easy at all.  The best tip our trainer Bob A gave was, if you can see the trailer in the right mirror then right hand down.  If its in the left mirror then left hand down.  If you cannot see the trailer stop and see if it is still behind you!  Do not worry about how many times you drive forward to get the right angle for reversing-we did a lot of that.  A good day and Bob A. was pleased how well we had done.

An interesting and newly constructed bat house was found in the bushes nearby.