15 October 2019

Tuesday Training Day on Dredger and Tug work

by: Andrew R.

Training on Patricia at Ebley Wharf. Chris K was  full flow a steadily gaining confidence. The silt bed by the wall is over 60 cm. deep and no rubble so filling the hopper was fast. 
It was agreed we would trial as an experience Dredger trainer/operator With Chris an experience tug hopper operator to trial full loading of Hoppers, then transport to Langleys field.

For those who don't know hoppers can be loaded so gunwales are level with the water. We were short of this by 15cm. More importantly we loaded the silt so it pushed the water out over the gunwales. 

This has only been done once before in the past four years on the Stroud canal.
It was great to work with Chris who showed high level skills with the tug.  In fact one of the few I have worked with or observed moving a hopper with Margaret so well.  Nearly a perfect centre channel journey.  As we agreed a lot easier with FULL hopper.
To finish, so much possible now there's a clear channel from Ebley to Ryeford