30 October 2019

Harper's Field

by: Dave C.

It was a busy day in Harper's Field with multiple teams assembled and numerous tasks allocated, none of which had anything to do with progressing the Harper's Field project.  As the Field now appears to have become the favoured off-loading of brash and associated foliage picked up by boat crews and left for the workers to clear up (not counting Wookey, see below), a bonfire was planned, and in fact it took 2 bonfires.  Mike L and Derek set to with chainsaws making the big stuff into smaller stuff so it would burn easily, whilst Clive kept a watchful eye on the fire making sure it had enough fuel.
In addition Steve P and Buffer set about removing the fuel tank from the Welfare Unit to try and clear out the gunk (technical term) that was blocking the fuel flow, whilst this was going on Les M set about getting the dumper work ready.  Both tasks were successfully achieved with the Welfare Unit being given a full test of all of its facilities and the generator coping admirably, and the dumper being given a full road test, or should that be a full field test.  
Jeff B arrived first thing and worked his magic on the big digger, and with it going for the first time since its service (!) Frank set off happy his toy was back and working and was successful all morning, then he turn it off at lunch time and it wouldn't restart.  This was a bit of a blow as it meant the final task of taking the broken bit of Weedy back to the depot couldn't happen.  Jeff was recalled, but he had clearly run out of Pixel Dust and the magic was just not happening.

Towards the end of the day we had a cheery visit from Wookey, who had more fuel for the bonfire, which Judith and Richard T happily unloaded, and then used the big digger for the only use it had, for a sit down and a catch up, only to be pushed out of the way when the piling barge turned up.