01 October 2019

Goughs Orchard water feed

by: Andy P.
Over the last few weeks a big effort was made to lay the heavy water feed pipes and connect them together.  Not forgetting the extra metre to hand dig out under the towpath to avoid the gas and water pipes.  Fittings were made to support the 90 degree bend so it rests on the canal bed, some 3m below. Another very heavy bit of pipework in place.

This week we returned en masse to do some more digging and to drop the pipe on the slope, cut a hole and fit the vacuum connector and make some more connections. Only 2 connections left to finish when the parts arrive. Peter A and Vince visited to see the progress being made.
Looking forward to the great second switch on ceremony!


Peter A. - This pipe is a big step up in quality and stands the best chance of being gas tight, a critical requirement.  It was kindly donated to us by Thames Water following conversations with Ken B.  With the head of the pipe now 1m lower than the original installation, the demands on the vacuum will be much reduced.  Passing by yesterday and observing all the pounds above Bowbridge at full level, the locks full and the spill weirs functioning, was a most pleasing sight.  I too am really looking forward to the switch-on.