15 February 2018

Bowbridge Dredging Progress

The dredging project between Stanton's Bridge and Bowbridge Lock steadily progresses. Tug team volunteers Dave and John willingly turned up today to help bow-haul the full and empty mud hoppers around. 

Andy and Les were suffering in the rain and wind even getting to the diggers to empty the hoppers, the deepening mud on the bank is making it hard work and potentially dangerous.  Meanwhile, Bob and Andrew were manning the floating Dredger No. 5 filling the hoppers. We disposed of 4 more loaded hoppers and filled a fifth. One hopper is partially filled and completed when we return. 

The weather deteriorated even more, so this is the dismal view site as we left earlier than normal at 14:00. The 90% cleared area is between the round end of the Dredger and Stanton's Bridge in the background. 

Bob Hallam.

"May your bilges always be dry and your anchor always hold."