05 February 2018

Yet more stuff going on In Western Depot!

In brief:  Mole was receiving the first coat of bitumen black on the interior.  The dry sunny weather assisting, although the air temperature was quite cool.  The new work boat trailer also received attention in the form of welding.

The ceiling in the new welfare caravan got slightly lower when the floor received an additional layer of wood, with the application of several new sheets of ply.  Further service feed work also took place.

After HRH had visited on Friday, the work boats headed back to Bowbridge, but in the process, the prop' of Annette 2 hit a very hard object in the water which promptly broke the gearbox in the outboard.  Today, it was stripped down for assessment and a replacement component sourced from the internet.  Most likely from the USA.

The sounds of much wood splitting were also present throughout the day. Just outside and round the corner, early preparation to move mud hopper Leviathan slightly east to improve access were under way.