07 February 2018

Visit by Notgrove Trust Today

We were joined today by the two trustee members of the Notgrove Trust.  They have very generously donated funds to us for the maintenance of our work boats, Ford's Wharf and Ham Mill culvert.  This was an opportunity to take them around some of our work sites to see just what we do and have achieved.

The visit took in Western Depot and all its various workshops, this extended out to our new dredger, Patricia.  From there, a short spell was spent on the Pike Lock - Dock Lock section to see what a mostly unrestored section looks like.  Before setting off for Ryeford, there was time to inspect our mud hopper Leviathan.

The transformation at Ryeford has been fantastic and the section from Fords Wharf up to the double lock was described ably by Alan.  It is fair to say that our visitors were most impressed with the scale of the work we were able to undertake and the equipment developed to do it.  Here also, Boatmobility happened to have a couple of craft in action.

Then it was onto Bowbridge to see the dredger in action.  All this further impressed, but with time now running short, there was not an opportunity for them to experience action on the water.

There will always be another day and hopefully they will return again soon.

Thanks go to all our volunteers that made the party most welcome and enjoying the lively and excited conversation.

Diana Acland, Trustee of Notgrove Trust, would like to let you know:

Harry and I felt it was such a worthwhile exercise coming to visit you yesterday and your comprehensive tour gave us a great idea of what you've achieved so far - and how much there is left to do.  It's just staggering what can be done by a skilled and very enthusiastic bunch of volunteers.  We feel the grant we have given you will be very well spent and I shall convey the same message to our friends at the Summerfield Trust.

Just as well we don't live any closer to the canal or Harry would be one of your volunteers and I would never see him again!

Thank you to all of you who gave up so much time to show us around and please keep in touch - we will visit you again to see yet more transformation of the Cotswold Canals.

With best wishes,